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Any parishioner can request a district for their parish.


To start a district


1) Talk to your parish priest about starting a district at your parish, if he has any questions, he can contact me or go to this website.

2) If the priest approves, he must write a letter of approval (on parish stationary).

3) Place a notice in your church's newsletter or bulletin about the creation of Catholic Dragons in the parish and then ask to speak at a mass explaining what Catholic Dragons is and it's mission. Don't know what to here.

4) Download the District Formation Application, (you will need to download Acrobat Reader to view/print these documents) and sent it via post mail along with the priest's letter of approval to the address is on the District Formation Form and if approved in 30 days, your district will receive a unique three or four digit district number and a Certificate.

5) This is optional but encouraged...create a Facebook and web page. Administrators, you may use the logo for your profile picture. I recommend that you use a different cover photo or picture. I recommend using to build and create your webpage. I cam make custom cover picture or photos, Just email me. You must name your page as your number such as "District 1347" and a custom username like "DragonDistrict1347". If you decide to create a custom address, you must name it like for example,

Please contact me at the contact tab above for any questions you may have.


Please note: If you are starting a district outside the USA, please follow the laws and regulations of your country about starting a Catholic Dragons district. Thank You.





1. Applicant must be practicing Roman Catholic (Click "Our Faith" for list).

2. Applicant must be fully initiated into the church, (i.e. Baptized, Confirmed and receiving the Holy Eucharist).

3. Applicant must be 18 years of age or older to Join and 18 years old or older to start a district.

4. Applicant must be in good standing with the Holy See and follow Church Teaching.



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